about our socks

you design the socks you love

Following these simple steps, you will be able to create your own unique socks and personalize them with your name or initials.
Be ready to stand out with your dstinctive socks!

high quality custom socks
made in Italy, designed by you

We produce your socks on-demand which means we have zero waste. Our products are 100% Made in Italy by skilled artisans in Brescia and we collaborate only with carefully selected suppliers that share our same values.

But the socks journey begins with you. Let’s have a look!

high quality and zero waste production

After you design your socks, we produce them in Brescia, Italy, a territory known for socks manufacturing. Thanks to our patented technology, we offer a made-to-order high-quality product without wasting energy and materials.
Look at the craftsmanship of our skilled Italian artisans: they oversee the whole process and check the socks manually one by one.

Your name or initials are not printed or embroidered, but directly weaved into the fabric, to ensure the best fit and quality for your feet.

socks look too big?

The socks you receive will appear too big. Don't worry, they just need to be washed first before wearing. We guarantee that your socks will fit perfectly after their first wash.

Why? Socks contain elastane so they form perfectly around your feet and have a nice stretch. Elastane needs to be wetted in order to shrink to the right size. However, as we produce per pair we ask you to wash the socks yourself prior to wearing. This way we save a lot of water together and help reduce the waste of the fashion industry. 
So, after receiving your socks just pop them in the washing machine along with the rest of your clothes and enjoy!

In order to enjoy your socks for as long as possible, wash your socks at 30 degrees and do not put them in the dryer. 

materials and composition

All our socks are made with high quality mercerized cotton for a shiny finish and 5% elastane for adjusting to your feet perfectly and ensuring stretch and comfort. Depending on the design you create, we add polyamide to weave your name and the pattern you selected. 

On average the composition of a pair of socks is:
- 80% mercerized cotton
- 15% polyamide
- 5% elastane

We only work with local suppliers in Italy who share our values and select the best, certified materials on the market. High quality materials prevent your socks from getting holes or pilling. Only the best for your feet!

Production & Delivery
Our next day production guarantees fast delivery time. Find out the cost and time of shipping depending on your country of residence here.

To find out more, visit our in-depth pages why a pair of dstinctive custom socks and why sustainable fashion is dstinctive.